The islands of Sicily

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Sicily is definitely a sea land. Beside the 1000 kms of coastline of the main Island, Sicily includes also several archipelagos and islets which surround it on two of its three sides. Each island has its own characteristic: the volcanic Ustica, the lively Aeolian Islands, the traditional Egadi, the heavenly Pelagie. Furthermore there are the small archipelagos of Stagnone and the Islands of the Cyclops, the first close to the coast of Marsala and the latter close to Aci Trezza.

These Mediterranean jewels are the ideal destination for those who wish to mix a beach holiday with the discovery of Sicilian traditions. With their lunar landscapes, Mediterranean oasis, cliffs on the sea and Caribbean-like beaches, Sicilian islands can satisfy even the most demanding tourist - discover our selection of Hotels on the Islands.

Isole Sicilia-Ustica Isole Sicilia-Isola dei Ciclopi Isole Sicilia-Panarea

The Aeolian Islands are situated off Milazzo coast. The archipelago is formed by seven islands, quite different from each other, but all of them are beautiful. Salina and Lipari are the largest of the archipelago and the most important as tourist destinations. Panarea also attracts many visitors, especially due to its lively nightlife.
Alicudi and Filicudi are the furthest from the coast and, not surprisingly, the most barren and wild. They are sparsely populated and ideal for a holiday in total peace and quiet. Despite the development of tourism, nature still plays a major role in these islands. They are particularly appreciated by volcanologists, especially Stromboli and Vulcano.

The Egadi Archipelago is not far from the Trapani shore. Its beautiful islands are renowned for their unspoiled nature and crystal-clear sea water. This archipelago is the ideal place for scuba divers and nature lovers. Each of the three islands has its own characteristics: Favignana is a large green plain, with several spactacular bays, like Cala Azzurra and Cala Rossa. Marettimo is a rocky island, with fascinating caves, which can only be reached by sea. Levanzo is the wildest of the three, covered with lush Mediterranean vegetation.

Isole Sicilia-Egadi Isole Sicilia-Pantelleria Isole Sicilia-Cala Pulcino

Pantelleria is the largest among the islands of Sicily, and it’s the nearest to Africa (only 70 kms). Its spectacular landscapes show the volcanic origins of the island. The volcanic rocks and cliffs on the sea have protected the woods located in the centre of the island. Pantelleria is the perfect place for hikers and nature lovers. There are also several beautiful beaches like Cala Gadir, Balata dei Turchi, Cala Levante and the most fascinating of all, the Specchio di Venere (Venus’s Mirror).

The Pelagie Islands, located 200 Kms off Agrigento shore, are the Southernmost territories of Italy. They are an ideal bridge between the European continent and the African one. Thanks to their isolated position, the Pelagie Archipelago is an unspoiled paradise, where tourists can find peace and quiet also during the high season. The archipelago is formed by the minute Lampione, the volcanic black Linosa and the chalky white Lampedusa, famous for its beautiful beaches, like Cala Madonna, Cala Pulcino, and the Rabbit Beach, which many consider the most beautiful beach in the Mediterranien Sea.

Sicily Travel Guide Free Download >
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