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Agrigento, a wonderful window looking out over lush green hills sloping gently down to the sea, is the chief city of the province of the same name and is set in the centre-south of the island. Dubbed the ‘City of Temples’, Agrigento hosts some of the most important architectural treasures of Ancient Greece, most notably the Doric temples standing in the nearby Valley, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city’s magic lies in its wonderful blend of history and scenic beauties. Its architecture reveals traces of the passage of Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Normans, with narrow picturesque streets, small squares, hidden courtyards, charming cloisters and majestic religious buildings such as the Cathedral of San Gerlando, the Abbey of Santo Spirito and the Baroque Church of San Lorenzo. Another attraction of the area is its splendid sea, which bathes one of the most frequented stretches of coast on the island. Magic beaches such as Scala dei Turchi, Porto Palo and San Leone, perfect destinations for a dream holiday.

Not to be missed in Agrigento
The Cathedral of San Gerlando
The Valley of the Temples
The Nature Park of Torre Salsa
Eraclea Minoa
Scala dei Turchi

Where to sleep in Agrigento
If you’re looking for a true countryside holiday, choose a facility offering splendid views, good transport links, a peaceful appealing backdrop and top-notch services. If you want to experience the humming life of the city, the historic centre is the perfect choice.

When to visit Agrigento
The climate is mild year round and this makes Agrigento an ideal holiday destination. The hottest month is August, when the mean temperature is about 26°C: this is the peak season for seaside holidays. Spring, summer and autumn are ideal periods for exploring the heritage and natural attractions in the area.

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Agrigento (Agrigento)

From 120 € ( per Room per Night )
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Agrigento (Agrigento)

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