Palermo Beaches

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A short distance from Palermo stretches the Mondello beach, with its charming Art Nouveau Lido and Charleston building. With fine white sand, and a transparent sea recalling the Caribbean, this is the beach best loved by the locals, lively and much frequented by day and night in the summer season, but equally charming for a walk in the quieter winter months.

Mondello Mondello Mondello

Isola delle femmine
The beach of Isola delle Femmine takes its name from the small islet which stands 500 m from the coast, a nature reserve with exceptional sea and animal life. The shore hosts several lidos, the sea is not too deep (ideal for kids) and offers a palette of green shades.

Isola delle Femmine Isola delle Femmine Isola delle Femmine

Cefalù has a 1.5 km long beach a few steps from the town’s centre. The beach, flanked by the charming skyline of the picturesque village houses is a great favourite with visitors and the locals alike. It is equipped with beach services and is flanked by bars, eateries and restaurants.

Cefalù Cefalù Cefalù

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